How do they find my number?

Would you like to know how they get your phone number? | Australia

We use the phone number in most of our daily life. We can say that it is like an identity belonging to us.

We give our phone numbers to many places. For example;

  • While registering on sites or mobile applications
  • When filling out forms / surveys / advertisements
  • When we buy something over the Internet
  • When we shop at stores

These are the areas where your numbers are collected the most. In addition, some companies sell your phone number to marketers. Although this is prohibited under normal conditions, personal data security is violated and your number is sold to third parties.

In addition, some malicious computer programs and mobile applications hijack your phone number and phone book. These phone numbers are used for marketing purposes.

In short, your number somehow passes into the hands of people you do not want. In addition, they send you messages from unsafe SMS channels because they are cheap. These SMS companies also collect your numbers and start selling your number on them. And then, fraudsters buy your numbers.

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