How do phone scammers cheat people?

They use these methods to defraud people over phone and SMS. | Australia

Unfortunately, scammers know your weaknesses and use them. Please do not buy anything over the phone or share your card information.

The most used fraud methods are as follows.

  • They say you won an award / phone and ask you to pay Tax / Shipping fee
  • They say they are Police / Lawyer / Judge and ask for money with different demands.
  • They say they are looking for TV series / movie actors and say they will make you a model.
  • They send a message that your appointment has been canceled and wait for you to call back
  • They send a message that your cargo could not be delivered to your address
  • By making automatic ring / hang up, it makes you curious and waits for your call back and then tries to trick you on the phone
  • They try to make a new Internet / TV contract saying that your internet contract is over.
  • They ask for an annual membership fee by saying that your site will be deleted from Google.
  • Ladies from abroad ask for money to come to your country
  • They ask you to make a deposit by advertising illegal Gambling / Betting sites

Incoming links with the message. Messages sent on behalf of major brands and call center calls. Even websites designed to deceive you. Caution, don't be fooled.

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