How do I protect my phone number?

Ways to protect your phone number are covered in this article. | Australia

There are some ways to protect your phone number and yourself.

How can I prevent my phone number from being compromised by others;

  • Do not give your phone number while registering on sites you do not trust.
  • Don't download mobile apps you don't trust
  • Do not share your phone number on internet.
  • Do not provide your phone number when shopping at the store or filling out questionnaires.

If your phone number is compromised by fraudsters, they will call or text you. In this case;

  • Do not be fooled by the message content sent to your phone and don't click on the links.
  • Don't buy anything on the phone call
  • Do not share your card information on phone call

Please be very careful during the phone call. Because scammers are professional liars. They will try to deceive you in different ways.

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